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¡Qué Pasa!

It seems like I open every newsletter by commenting on how much is going on with Hope & Help in Honduras–and this time is no different.  But it’s a blessing to be a part of such great things happening in God’s kingdom!

As you know from the last newsletter, Sally and I were planning (again) to begin our rotations into Honduras as long-term missionaries.  Thank the good Lord that it finally came to pass!  We spent 5 May to 4 July in Honduras.  It was a wonderful time, and we plan to rotate back again in September.  More on that below.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter.  As always, thank you so much for supporting this work with your prayers and financial assistance!

Tim Williams

School Science Fair

Sally and Tim were able to attend the science fair at Hands for Jesus school.  It was good to see that so many sponsored children were on the presentation teams.  All the teams provided excellent presentations and demonstrated a firm understanding of the science behind their projects.  Your support gives these children great opportunities to learn and excel!

Science Fair1

School Clubs

Hands for Jesus school has grown to almost 250 students!  As part of their growth, they have begun several school clubs, most of which focus on developing a student’s skill or talent.  

Sally was able to visit the school during club time and see the clubs in action firsthand.  Clubs include crafts, art, math, band, dance, crochet, and sports.

The band and dance clubs are preparing for the Honduran Independence Day celebration parade in September.

Spelling Bee

Sally was a judge at the school’s Spelling Bee.  The students were so good at spelling that the judges went through all the prepared words and had to look up several more!  In this photo are the winning students from the higher classes, along with Sally, the other two judges, and Ms Telma, the school administrator.

New Science and Computer Labs

This year, the school added a new Science Lab and Computer Lab as part of the school expansion.  Hope & Help for Honduras had previously provided the school some computers and science equipment through the kind support of donors.  Here we see the ribbon-cutting ceremony which Tim and Sally were fortunate enough to attend.

School Needs

It is truly a blessing to see Hands for Jesus school grow–in terms of number of students, physical size, available classes, and Bible study.  With growth comes challenges, and the school administrators, teachers, and student body continue to meet those challenges.  However, there are a few areas where donors can still help:

  • The computer lab is in need of some additional computers.  We are looking at purchasing refurbished computers for around $200 each.  If you would like to help purchase a computer, please donate at this PayPal link.  
  • There are some students who need sponsors.  If you would like to sponsor a child, please go to this link, choose $37, and click the “Make this a monthly donation” option.
  • The school clubs are in need of supplies.  You can help us get those to the students by shopping at this Amazon Wishlist or at this Walmart Registry.  Please choose the mailing address as:  2270 New Hope Rd, Greensburg KY 42743.

Closing Thoughts

It was wonderful for us to spend significant time at the school during our rotation in Honduras from May to July, and we look forward to going back in September.  The best part is seeing first-hand how the generous support of our donors makes such a significant impact in the lives of these Honduran children.  So many of you have given so much, and it does indeed make a difference!

Please remember the following in your prayers:

  • That we will be able to complete a new Bible-study curriculum that we’re working on for the school and present it during our upcoming rotation back to Honduras.
  • That God will raise up disciples from the student body.
  • That God will guide and protect Tim and Sally on their next rotation into Honduras.
  • That God will be glorified through the work of this charity.