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¿Que pasa?

We are late in getting out this latest newsletter, but that’s because so much has been happening–and that’s a good thing!  Since our last newsletter, Hands for Jesus school began their new school year, we answered God’s call to go on mission for Him, we sent a shipment of supplies to Honduras, and we visited the school.  There is plenty of good news from Hands for Jesus school, some of which we’ll cover below.

I want to thank each of you for your prayers and kind gifts.  Without the good Lord and people like you, none of the great things that are going on in the mission field could happen!

Tim Williams

2022 Shaping Up to Be a Big School Year

The last two years have been tough at Hands for Jesus school due to coronavirus.  The government restricted schools to online classes only.  Fortunately, the school kept up its standards and the dedicated teachers and staff made sure the students progressed as they should.

This year, the government has eased restrictions and students are back to in-classroom instruction.  Not only that, but enrollment surged to around 260 students.  That’s a long way from when we started our involvement at the school, which had 75 students back then!

This year, 44 students receive book and tuition help through sponsors!  Due to additional donations, we were able to help eight more students with books.  There was a tuition increase this year; some sponsors upped their sponsorship to cover half the tuition increase, while other additional donations covered the remaining sponsored students.

School Enlargement

The directors of the school–Ms Marilu and Ms Telma–anticipated that the student body would be larger this year and planned ahead for it.  This year, a second floor was added to the school’s main classroom building.

Some finishing work remains, but this is a great addition and will relieve some crowded classrooms.  Quite a long ways from the old gas station building that used to be here!

Ministry Partners

In a previous newsletter, we mentioned that Tim and Sally would be missionaries in Honduras.  With BE Ministries as a partner, Tim & Sally will stay at the BE Ministries campus while in Honduras.  Tim was there from 6 January to 12 March (Sally couldn’t stay as long due to helping a family member).  While there, both were able to visit the school and meet with Ms Marilu and Ms Telma (the directors)

A lot of projects were accomplished while there.  One of the big ones was that the floor was poured in the house where they will stay.  Barry Lobb once again went to Honduras and did the concrete work.

Tim & Sally will return to Honduras in July for their next rotation.  You can follow them and fellow missionaries at BE Ministries on Facebook here.  Note: As always, donations to Hope and Help for Honduras are not used to support mission trip expenses.  If you’d like to donate to their mission work, you can do that here and then select Tim & Sally Williams.

Amazon Smile

Thank you to those using Amazon Smile!  The donations we get through Amazon Smile help cover some of the Donorbox processing fees and office supplies (like envelopes and postage).  This ensures that 100% of a sponsor’s donations go to support the children at Hand for Jesus school.

If you’d like to support the ministry through Amazon Smile, just go to  By adding “smile” at the front of the address, Amazon will make a donation any time you purchase an item.  Be sure to add Hope and Help for Honduras as your preferred charity.  The easiest way to do that is to follow this link.

More Ways to Help

Interested in more ways you can help?

  • School supplies.  We plan to send a shipment to Honduras in May.  If you would like to donate any school supplies (or send sponsored children gifts), please send it to us by 20 April.  A list of needed supplies are on the Amazon Wish List.  Just go there and choose which supplies you would like to donate.  Please be sure to have the items shipped to our address at 2270 New Hope Rd, Greensburg KY 42743.
  • As always, we would love to speak to your church, Sunday School class, small group, or any other gathering about our work in Honduras.  Just email and we will set up a visit.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in sponsoring a child, please put them in contact with us.  We have a student who needs a sponsor.

Closing Thoughts

It’s so good to see the school back up and running in a more normal fashion.  This is made even better by the blessings of more students and additional classroom space.

We hope to work extensively with the school when we return to Honduras in July.  Please remember the following in your prayers:

  • Thankfulness to God that the school is back to in-person classes and that so many more students will now be exposed to a Christian education.
  • Request that our rotation back to Honduras in July will result in edification of the student body and will assist the teachers in incorporating more Christian themes in their lessons.
  • That God will raise up disciples from among the student body.